You Must Watch This Awful TikTok Mother Continually Pranking Her Dreadful Boys

They are traumatised! It's very funny!

TikTok pranks mother

If there is one thing that I enjoy, it is bewildered children, being mildly inconvenienced and scared, all for my own personal viewing pleasure. Which is why I love this sadistic TikTok mother, and her set of gormless progeny.

The mother in question is named Felicity Kane, and her and her terrible sons are one of those comedy YouTube families, called the Harfin Family.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of a YouTube comedy family, I envy you and your blessed and naive existence. Basically, the structure of a YouTube family is some morally suspect parents who are happy to monetise their cute family into variously banal PG content for YouTube. Think Modern Family meets Logan Paul.

Basically every video ends with someone saying “we’re ALWAYS like this” and then you wanna throw yourself off a pier. But they’re very popular.

However, while the Harfin Family do manage to fit into this broad description on their YouTube, on Felicity’s massively popular TikTok account, @refelicity, she’s basically skipped through a lot of the gross/ boring YouTube tropes and skips to the good stuff: pranks. TikTok bloody LOVES pranks.

Yes, she is not at all shy about traumatising her children for content, and I really respect it.

She’s very funny. Watching her British sons run around terrified after she pretends to chop her own finger off is good, because frankly, children have too many rights these days.

Part of her brilliance is that a) she’s a genial psychopath and b) she’s smart enough to keep pulling the wool over his idiot spawn’s eyes, even after they have been pranked multiple times. A great example is when she brings them chocolate milk, and they suspiciously test the milk, before discovering that she’s packed the STRAWS with hot chilli sauce. Sksksksksksk and I OOP indeed.

Those boys sure are gonna be unpacking that in therapy for years to come, ha ha ha.

I’ve watched them all quite a few times to see if they’re staged, and frankly, I don’t believe any child has the ability to pull that level of acting off. Honestly, it’s not gonna be long before she is wildly cancelled by mothers everywhere, but until that moment, let’s enjoy this viral sadism.

They start off pretty tame, like, basically wholesome:

But they start to ramp up, and that’s where the kids start to get ANGRY and SCARED.

I mean, this is genuinely sadistic:

Haha, this kid thinks he’s gonna die!

Every video I watch is very good, but I feel uncomfortable. Love that for me.