This Girl On TikTok Will Message Your Boyfriend To Test If He’s Cheating, And It’s Thrilling

"This guy has a second Snapchat, full of hoes, so he does not pass the loyalty check at all."

TikTok cheating loyalty check

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It’s not a controversial opinion, but men are rats. They are lying, cheating, sneaks! Who would even date them? But alas, many of us continue to do so, like absolute idiots. Luckily, this TikTok user is here to help!

Hayley Martin, who goes by the handle @hayleymartin012, is a true saint, an ally, a feminist in both thought and action. We should frankly nationalise her services, crowd fund her channel to go global.

What Hayley offers is what she calls a “loyalty check”.

Basically, all you need to do is get in touch with her, provide your shifty partner’s Instagram profile, and she will slide in and do her best to tempt him. It’s a masterful, Cold War style spy performance, that’s as cruelly efficient as it is impressive.

Part of why I find this so entertaining is that she always leads with a pretty good pickup line, like: “I’d take you to the movies, but they don’t allow snacks inside.”

Have a look at one of her most popular videos below. It’s goddamn ENTHRALLING. It has everything, subterfuge, romance, betrayal… and a twist.

At first, it seems like we’ve found a rare good guy — he’s like “sorry, have a girlfriend”. But she pushes, asking to be his side piece, and he admits THAT HE ALREADY HAS A COUPLE.

“This guy has a second Snapchat, full of hoes, so he does not pass the loyalty check at all.”


It’s so gratifying to watch her catch out dickheads. Real talk — dating is a vulnerable experience, and having your trust betrayed isn’t fun. It can be a pretty goddamn toxic experience. I sympathise with these people who decide to test their partners — it’s not usually unbiased paranoia that prompts this. It’s probably based off a long and distressing pattern of behaviour.

It follows in the wake of TikTok girls just being their best selves, and doing things like dancing to voicemails from their terrible exes.

Anyway, watch some more, she’s got PLENTY.

But while this is all scintillating, sometimes these men DO pass the vibe check tho. And that’s kinda nice to watch too.

Anyway, she doesn’t need to be out here helping people expose their shitty boyfriends, so we simply must stan.