These TikTok-Famous Designers Have Released Their Own Collection And It’s Very, Very Good

We'll take one of everything, please.

Josh and Matt Design

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If you spend a lot of time on TikTok, you’re probably familiar with Josh and Matt, the mind-bogglingly cool artists behind Josh and Matt Design.

On TikTok, Josh and Matt share easy home improvement hacks, upcycling tips, and interior design advice with their 182,000 followers. Based in Melbourne, the couple are all about maximalism with a side of sustainability, and love showing off their incredibly well-decorated apartment.

They’re a great follow for anyone who loves design — and now, thanks to Gumtree, people can welcome some of Josh and Matt’s own designs into their homes.

During National Recycling Week, Gumtree partnered with Josh and Matt on a limited-edition collection of up-cycled home decor.

The collection of twenty-five unique pieces — which is live on Gumtree right this second — includes patterned couch cushions, some exceptionally cool lamps, a perfectly chaotic dining table, and more. The items are all made using up-cycled items that were originally sourced on Gumtree, then lovingly upgraded by Matt and Josh themselves.

“This collection is inspired by our interest in space and the universe, which we have blended with our love of colour, shape and textures. Many of the pieces are modular and interactive, which is how we like to design home décor and accessories. We designed these objects with the mindset that these will be in our own apartment, so it feels like you’re buying a piece of our home,” said Josh and Matt.

“We wanted to show that there’s beauty in everything and with a bit of love and care, you too can find items on Gumtree to upcycle and make a positive impact on the home and planet.”

You can bid on the Josh and Matt Gumtree collection now.