Meet The Viral, Velour-Clad Hero Taking On Boomers And Karens Who Won’t Wear Masks

"And I'd do it again."

TikTok user takes on people who spread coronavirus by not wearing masks

Over the last few weeks, across America, the wearing of a mask during the coronavirus pandemic has become a partisan issue.

Conservative Trump fans are refusing to wear masks, even as the PPE has been shown to effectively slow the spread of the deadly illness, and as wearing the protection has become regulation in many parts of the country.

These boomers — and believe me, they are almost all boomers — have been attacking and screaming at retail workers who dare to ask them to consider the safety of those around them. It’s a mess, and a good indication why any hope that America might get on top of the coronavirus pandemic as other countries have is slowly starting to fade.

But such desperate times require a hero. And it appears that we have found one, in the form of TikTok user @cowgirlsosa.

A matter of days ago, the social media star recorded a video of herself sitting in the front of her car describing an encounter with a non-mask wearing Karen that she witnessed while in a Walgreen’s. Clad in pink velour, talking with her signature flair, @cowgirlsosa told a story of bravery and resistance — and one with a twist.

“There was this woman who refused to wear a mask, even though it’s mandatory in my county right now,” she said, flipping through a plastic CD jewel case.

“And so another lady in the store comes up and starts spraying the signature Bath and Bodyworks scent ‘Warm Vanilla Sugar’ all over her face, and was like, ‘Bitch, bet you wish you were wearing a mask now.'”

And then, the reveal:

“And I’d do it again.”

Anyway, understandably, @cowgirlsosa has become a hero in these troubled times, praised on social media as the shining light we all need to guide us out of the darkness.

Truly, she is our queen.