Teens On TikTok Are Using The Bushfires To Raise Awareness About Climate Change

"Australia is on fire..."

TikTok bushfires

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Teens, the source of all that is good and pure in the world, have begun making videos on the impacts of the bushfires.

Over the past week, severe bushfires have continued to burn across New South Wales and Queensland.

Yesterdays extremely dry and windy conditions only made the fires grow worse, with at least 140 fires burning, 50 of which being uncontained according to the NSW Rural Fire Services.

With three dead, hundreds of houses burned to the ground, and thousands evacuated, there has been… criticism of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s response to the events.

Criticised for his offering of “thoughts and prayers” to those affected over any real solution or support, Scott Morrisons inaction towards climate change action is being felt during these fires.

Despite the Emergency Leaders For Climate Action campaigning for action towards the effects of climate change in Australia, Scott Morrison didn’t meet with the group.

Warning of the increased fire dangers as Australia was “entering uncharted territory with worsening extreme weather” back in April, there was no action from the prime minister. The group also expressed concern with emergency services personnel not being “adequately prepared or equipped” for what was coming.

As a result, teens have taken to TikTok to raise awareness of climate change and its affect, through sharing alarming vision of the bushfires ravaging Australia.

Some have even taken the time to thank the firefighters, who are working tirelessly to get the bushfires under control.

Other teens on the app are going further than raising awareness, instead directly addressing Scott Morrisons inaction towards climate change playing a factor in the fires.

While there are teens on TikTok making light of the fires and focusing on the free day off from school, these ones want change.