A Funny And Stupid New TikTok Trend Involves Trying To Dodge Dangerous Flying Objects

This basically proves why women live longer than men.

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Women live longer than men. It’s fact.

On average, women ten to last six to eight years longer compared to their male counterparts. While women technically have a biological leg up over men, male behaviour plays a big part in their lifespans.

Women tend to drink and smoke less, and are 10 times less likely to be killed at work. In conclusion, men just take more risks and make riskier decisions which may explain the insane new trend taking over TikTok.

The trend doesn’t have a name yet because it’s still so new, but I assume it’ll eventually be called something like the “Throw In The Air” challenge. The aim of the game? Stand in a circle, look down at your phone, throw something up in the air on top of you, and pray to God you don’t get hit.

And unsurprisingly, the videos that have surfaced so far mostly feature groups of the male species.

But the TikTok videos that have already found their way to Twitter actually have quite wholesome captions. Playing on the already existing “me and the boys” meme, the throw challenge videos highlight the “innocent” activities the boys get up to when their girlfriends think they’re out cheating.

The items that are thrown vary from video to video, with the tamest so far being basketballs and eggs.

But a some have upped the anti by using more dangerous things like safety cones, buckets and, even, plastic chairs.

The goal is not to flinch or move away from the falling item you can see coming towards you through the phone. Though that can be difficult when a kids bike or literal wheelchair is headed straight to your head.

But boys will be boys, I guess.