Australian Psychological Thriller ‘Pimped’ Is In Cinemas This Month

Ella Scott Lynch in Australian thriller Pimped
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Pimped is in select cinemas now. 

Prepare yourself for a dark and stylish thriller, because Australian film Pimped is in cinemas on March 14.

If you’re a sucker for a seductive psychological thriller about feminine strength and toxic masculinity, we’re here to point you in the direction of Pimped.

In the film, Sarah Montrose is battling her own inner demon when she meets the philosophical, smooth-talking Lewis Blake. Handsome and captivating, Lewis draws Sarah into a twisted game thought up by his housemate Kenneth. When Kenneth’s game of cat-and-mouse backfires, Sarah and Lewis are forced into an unlikely and bloodied alliance.

As the game unravels, Pimped asks the question: exactly who is trapped here? Check out the trailer below:

The thriller is the directorial debut from Australian filmmaker David Barker and stars Ella Scott Lynch (who you may know from homegrown hits Underbelly and Love Child) and Benedict Samuel (returning to Australia after roles in The Walking Dead and Gotham).

Pimped throws a few touches of horror films into a seductive story that unfolds from Sarah’s perspective when she’s caught in the middle of two dangerous men.

It’s out now. Find out where you can catch the film here.

(Images courtesy of Playground Films)