Brands Have Called Out Channel 7 For Airing Their Ads During A Greyhound Racing Show

Coles, Woolworths, BMW, and ANZ Bank are among the brands to call out the network.

thrill of the chase

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A number of big brands have called out the Seven Network after their ads appeared during a greyhound racing show on 7two over the last two months.

Thrill of the Chase — a seven-part TV series produced by Sports Entertainment Network and Greyhound Racing Victoria — aired nationwide on the network between November 21 and December 19 this year.

But considering a heartbreaking 169 greyhounds have been killed on Australian racetracks this year alone (not including those who suffer unfortunate fates off the track), brands have been quick to distance themselves from the programme, noting animal welfare as the primary reason for the move.

“Major brands are rejecting any association with greyhound racing because they realise most Australian consumers oppose this cruel industry. Thrill of the Chase is pure fantasy that sanitises the animal suffering that occurs every day on Australia’s racetracks.  It’s unreality TV,” Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds director Annie Hendley said in a statement provided to Junkee.

Animal Justice Party NSW’s Mark Pearson condemned the program and praised the brands who have since pulled their advertisements, noting that Thrill of the Chase didn’t show the reality of the industry.

“It’s disturbing to see a program on commercial TV attempting to normalise and promote greyhound racing and the gambling industry to Australian families. What ‘Thrill of the Chase’ shows is winning dogs and smiling children,” said Pearson.

“What it doesn’t show is the everyday reality of broken bones, agonising deaths, live baiting, mass greyhound graves, and the needless euthanasia of dogs that are ‘too slow’.  This program is clearly a last-ditch attempt by the industry to appeal to families and prop up their dying industry. I hope Channel 7 and its advertisers see through the lies and pull the plug on Thrill of the Chase, making it clear they stand with the public in rejecting animal exploitation and cruelty.”

Following the airing of the programme, many of the brands have released statements condemning the racing industry.

BMW, Citibank Australia, Audible Australia, Woolworths, Federation TAFE, Mazda, Officeworks, RACQ Bank, Godfreys, Headspace, UBank, Goodman Fielder, Coles, Mars Wrigley, Colorbond, Flight Centre, ANZ Bank, and Unilever have all released statements following the airing of their advertisements during the programme.

“Citi does not support greyhound racing or gambling. Following further investigation with Channel 7, we can confirm that the advertisement was placed in error. We have undergone a thorough review of our advertorial placements and commitments with 7 to ensure our advertising will not be placed on these programs going forward,” a representative for Citibank Australia said in a statement.

“At RACQ we take animal welfare seriously and have a partnership with AWLQ. We have reached out to our Marketing team who run the ads and have flagged these concerns with them, and we will investigate this issue further,” said RACQ.

“On behalf of BMW Australia, I would like to reassure you that BMW does not support greyhound racing or any sport involving animals. We have contacted our media agency to understand why placement of our brand’s advertising was broadcast during this time on Channel 7,” said BMW.

Junkee has reached out to Channel 7 for comment.