Thom Yorke Has Released A Horrifying New Remix Of ‘Creep’

It will soundtrack your nightmares.

thom yorke radiohead creep photo

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Thom Yorke doesn’t like ‘Creep’. In fact, most of Radiohead don’t like ‘Creep’.

The band’s hatred of their biggest commercial hit is well known: Yorke famously told a crowd in Montreal to “fuck off” when they kept screaming for the band to play it, he referred to it as ‘Crap’ in interviews in the years since and said the band had “sucked Satan’s cock” after it was released.

Perhaps that goes a little way to explaining why he apparently had so much fun remixing the 1992 track into a lopsided horror. The nine-minute ‘Creep (Very 2021 Rmx)’ was created for Japanese fashion designer Jun Takahashi’s Fall 2021 show, and has now been officially released through Yorke’s channels.

Yorke drags down the tempo to a nauseatingly slow pace, throwing in some Vangelis synths and warbling up the vocals while he’s at it. Atmospheric, sure, moody, sure — as a way of continuing to fuck with ‘Creep’s legacy? Brilliant.