This Koala Made Friends With A Butterfly And Suddenly Everything Is A Little Less Terrible

Things are looking up.

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Cute animal videos are a dime a dozen on the internet, where they function as load-bearing pillars alongside hot takes, angry comments and pornography. Still, every once in a while, on those rarest of days, something truly special comes along. A piece of vision so impossibly wonderful that it cuts through the online noise like a hot knife through adorable butter.

Today, it would seem, is one of those days. Presented for your approval: a koala making friends with a butterfly.

The game-changing footage comes courtesy of Symbio Wildlife Park in NSW, where Willow the koala joey was in the middle of shooting a video about the park’s sustainability program when she became distracted by the monarch butterfly.

“We had always planned to have a butterfly on a flower, with the koalas in the background, as one of those iconic little bits of footage,” Symbio marketing and creative services manager Kevin Fallon told the ABC. “But when we actually put the butterfly on the flower, Willow came running over and started getting really inquisitive, nuzzling up to it.”

The pair is now said to be inseparable, with the butterfly living in a tiny house inside Willow’s enclosure. Actually that last sentence is something I just made up, but wouldn’t it be amazing if it were true?