This ‘Funny Or Die’ Sketch With Male Reporters Asking Dumb Questions About Hillary Clinton Is Way Too Real

"If a female President gets pregnant and has a baby in office, is that baby also President?"

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From 9/11 Truthers to extremely enthusiastic gay men, almost everyone has an opinion on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she’s running for President. Many of those opinions are bad, such as Bill O’Reilly’s take on what a woman running for the White House means for the average Joe:

Looming massacre of American white dudes aside, the prospect of a female President is making plenty of people uncomfortable, not least the News Corp-owned New York Post, which responded to Clinton’s announcement in typically understated fashion.

We can probably expect plenty of variations of “but she’s a woman!” over the next eighteen months, which is why it’s so important to find funny takedowns of that whinging and the mindset behind it, if we are to survive. Funny or Die are ready with the first one, and by no means the last.

If this seems like satire, wait until Clinton debates some nutbag Republican candidate who accuses her of running to get attention or something. Just wait.