This Faux-Inspirational Ad About The “Struggles” Of A Sydney Uni Law Student Is Way Too Real

Truly an inspiration to us all.

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Back in September, Western Sydney University released a rare and fabled gem: a piece of university marketing that doesn’t suck. A WSU promotional video telling the story of Deng Thiak Adut, a former Sudanese child soldier who arrived in Australia as a refugee and went on to put himself through WSU law school, racked up more than 650,000 views and provided a powerful and compelling example of what compassion towards refugees can look like.

Now from the other side of Sydney comes the slightly less inspirational story of Luke Williams, a Mosman-born and bred private schoolboy whose tale of “perseverance”, “struggle” and “achievement” at Sydney University will inspire sandstone college frat boys nationwide.

Marvel as Luke bravely battles ‘tired hand syndrome’ throughout the HSC and the indignity of only being gifted an Audi for his seventeenth birthday, all to achieve a seemingly impossible dream: a clerkship at his dad’s law firm.

If you know anyone who even got a sniff of Sydney Uni, this thing rings uncomfortably true. Truly, he is a hero for the ages.

No doubt we’ll be treated to further highlights of Luke’s glittering career as he makes the move into politics, eventually being appointed Treasurer and becoming a household name for his signature policy: forcing working single mothers to undertake regular drug tests and cavity searches to receive welfare payments. What an inspiration to us all.

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