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This Collage Of All The Things Millennials Are Ruining Is Actually A Massive Compliment


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Us millennials ruin a lot of things. Haven’t you heard? We’re so spoiled and unappreciative that as soon as we come into contact with anything reasonably “good”, it just perishes at our touch.

Home ownership? We know we killed that. Manners? Killed it. Marmalade? Yep, we killed that too.

We’ve killed pretty much everything boomers hold near and dear. Including Big Macs, apparently? A legendary young person in the US, twitter user @theindiealto, has become sick of all the blame and decided to compile it all into one glorious collage.

The result is a spectacular display of all the ways we’re perceived to be the very, very worst with avo toast thrown in the middle for good measure.

But Really, It’s A Compliment

The funny thing about looking at that collection of headlines is that it becomes clear “millennials have ruined” actually means “times have changed.” Times have changed and therefore, people don’t like marmalade as much as they used to. New information has told us that sugar is bad for us so we stay away for our health. Also, marmalade is gross.

Times have changed and therefore, we’re not as interested in fashion as we used to be. I mean, we are still interested in fashion, but new information has told us the hefty impact that fast fashion has on the environment. We prefer to keep our wardrobes ethical and minimal.

Times have changed and therefore, we’re not as interested in the hangout sitcom. We want television shows that reflect our day to day life, not a bunch of white, wealthy people bludging the day away in a coffee shop.

Honestly, the list goes on. But for pretty much each and every thing that a millennial “killed”, we killed because we were supposed to. Because new information was released, because we want to be conscious of our planet or because we realise we can do better for ourselves. Hard to see how that’s a bad thing.

The twitter user who created the collage has been making shirts and posters out of the collage and tbh, we could use one. What a great reminder of all the ways that young people are savvy, smart and looking out for themselves.

Give yourselves a round of applause.

(Lead image: Easy A/Screen Gems)