These are the brutal methods you should never use to break up with someone

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Welcome to the modern age of dating, where dumping someone via Spotify is a legit thing. Exposed by her own sister via Twitter, this savage girl breaks up with a guy called Wyatt by spelling out a breakup note with songs in a playlist. Totally brutal.

The lesson learned from this viral tweet is do not break up with someone that way. If you think this idea is brilliant and want to use it for you own, please read on – it’s not a good idea and neither are these.

Posting it to their Facebook wall

Or tweeting them about it. Or posting an emotional Instagram photo and tagging them in it. Get the idea? Maybe avoid social media altogether. No one wants to receive an invite to what they think is a romantic playlist and find a hidden message.

Throw the phone away…

On that note, you might as well avoid technology altogether. If you’ve only been on one or two dates, it’s more acceptable to break up via text, but that’s probably the only time. After a few months of dating, breakups via Messenger or text message are just cruel. And if you’ve been dating for over a year, avoid the phone call. It’ll be hard for both of you, but a year warrants a face-to-face conversation.

Not mentioning the breakup at all…

Didn’t want to deal with it so you decided to go off and do your own thing? It won’t just go away if you refuse to acknowledge it. Relationships don’t end with two people just no longer talking. This’ll hurt the other person and make it harder for them to find closure after the breakup. In the modern dating age, it’s referred to as ghosting.

And FFS don’t do it in public

Following up from the whole “Maybe don’t post it on the FB timeline for the world to see” point, avoid the public space when breaking up with someone. Don’t do it in a restaurant, don’t do it on public transport – just don’t do it OK? It’ll make it hella awkward for complete stranfers who happen to overhear. And you don’t want an Elle Woods getting dumped by Warner scene to go down, do you?

Image: Legally Blonde official Facebook page