The UK Just Tried To Knife Their PM And Australians Are Already Taking The Piss

We can relate.

Australia reacts to Theresa May leadership spill

The UK just took a leaf out of our book and tried to knife their Prime Minister, Theresa May. And Australians are already taking the piss.

On Wednesday morning local time, dissatisfied MPs from May’s own Conservative Party wrote letters to the party’s so-called 1922 committee to trigger a vote of no confidence in the PM. It came just days after May delayed a vote on a Brexit deal in the House of Commons when it became clear the deal did not have the support of her party.

The secret ballot on Theresa May’s leadership took place Wednesday evening local time. May needed 158 votes to remain PM. In the end, she got a nice round 200. She’s already told MPs she will not contest the next general election in 2022.

Of course, while trying to oust a sitting Prime Minister is a pretty big deal in the UK, here in Australia it’s basically the national sport. We’re kind of experts on the subject. And we had plenty to say to our British friends on social media about what they’re going through.

Honestly, I think we’re just glad it’s not us for once.