There’s A Reddit Theory That Sandy From ‘Grease’ Was Actually Dead For The Entire Film

People are losing their goddamn minds.

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What is it about ‘they were dead the entire time‘ fan theories that are so unsettling? Even when they seem to be rooted in absolutely nothing and don’t have an ounce of narrative sense to them (the Ghostbusters were dead! Jack was dead the whole time, he was just Rose’s psychotic projection!) they can still give you even the tiniest of shivers.

The ‘Dead Sandy’ argument is one such theory. Although it’s been kicking around for a while on Reddit, for some reason the idea that in the 1978 musical Grease, main character Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) may have been dead the whole time, has disturbed the entire internet today. Sarah Michelle Gellar is bloody flabbergasted!

The theory goes as such: when Danny (John Travolta) and Sandy met at the beach at the start of the film (Summer lovin’, etc.) and Danny claims to have “saved her life”, he didn’t actually save her — Sandy really drowned that day, and the rest of the film is just her dying fantasy.

During her musical number “Goodbye, Sandra Dee” she’s finally admitting that it’s time to move on to the afterlife, and when she ascends into the sky at the eerily perfect end of the film (Everyone gets back together! Everyone changes themselves for their respective heterosexual partner! Rizzo isn’t pregnant!) she’s really going to heaven.

Weird, huh? Even though it seems sort of implausible (there’s another theory that posits that Danny and Sandy both died at the beach that day) it seems to have captured the internet’s interest once again. Meanwhile, can someone check if Sarah Michelle Gellar is okay?