There’s Already A Movie Loosely Based On The ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Movie Massacre

As you can imagine, it's pretty disturbing.

In 2012, a gunman opened fire in a movie theatre in Colorado during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises, injuring 70 and killing 12. Now a film has been made about this incident and if that makes you feel weird, well, that’s understandable.

Dark Night debuted at Sundance Film Festival last year, but is getting a wider release from February. The film, by director Tim Sutton, stars non-professional actors and follows the “activities of six strangers over the course of one day, from sunrise to midnight, the shooter among them”.

Aurora was the deadliest mass shooting in the US until the Orlando nightclub massacre last year, but it has not been the only movie theatre shooting in America. Last year in Lafayette, a man killed two people and injured nine during a screening of Trainwreck. It will be interesting to see if Dark Night has an impact on gun debates in the US or, alternatively, if it’ll be accused of cashing-in on a national tragedy.