Thelma Plum Just Dropped A Gorgeous Cover Of ‘These Days’ By Powderfinger

Get the tissues ready.

Thelma Plum and Powderfinger

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Thelma Plum, queen of our hearts, just dropped a cover of ‘These Days’ by Powderfinger — and no surprises, but it’s a gorgeous, sensitive work of art.

Needless to say, Powderfinger are back in the culture in a big, big way these days. Since disbanding a little over a decade ago, the band kept pretty quiet, staying true to their word and backing off from the media spotlight.

But then, a matter of weeks ago, the group changed their cover image on Facebook, and kicked off a storm of interest, one that resulted in the announcement the group were reuniting for one night only.

The resulting gig, a livestreamed concert in which the band blasted through their biggest hits, turned into a glorious exercise in nostalgia and hope. Oh, and it gave both fans and newcomers a wonderful excuse to dive back through the catalogue of one of the country’s most distinct rock acts.

Plum’s cover only feeds into that urge to rediscover. Elevating the song’s cathartic, hopeful nature, the cover is brimming with love and hope. It’s proof, if any more was needed, that Thelma Plum is one of our most talented artists — and that Powderfinger will live forever.

Listen to it in full here: