We’re All Worrying About The Wrong Thing And This New Meme Proves It

"People in the '70s be like 'my zodiac sign is taurus', bitch you worried about the wrong zodiac."

best You Worried About the Wrong thing meme

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It’s pretty common for your parents to tell you that your priorities are in the wrong place or that you’re just worried about the wrong thing altogether.

After all, that’s what parents do. But you know what else parents are great at? Telling dad jokes. One-liner, pun-heavy jokes that aren’t really funny but yet somehow are. Well, the newest meme on the block is the perfect combination of both of these things.

The ‘You Worried About The Wrong Thing’ meme drags people for doing or liking certain things, when there are other pressing matters at hand. The use of puns makes this meme not only funny, but pretty damn clever too.

The trend actually started on TikTok, where people would question the priorities of others set to Playboi Carti’s ‘No Lie’. On the bass drop, the punchline of the joke would hit. One of the most popular videos in the trend was made by @tomcruisedoppleganger about George Bush allegedly being responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

“Bitches don’t have their pubic hair but believe 9/11 was an inside job… man you’re worried about the wrong bush,” he caption the video with over 250,000 likes.

After this, people started posting text versions of the meme on Twitter covering topics like zodiac signs, smoking and FIFA games. However, on Twitter the meme became more general, with people often calling the protagonist in the situations “motherfucker” or simply just “people” instead.

But some have continued the style on TikTok, with hyper-specific “You Worried About The Wrong Thing” memes being made about college students, men and women, in particular.

People have also used the meme to drag music fans of all kinds, referencing not only individual singers, but also groups and whole genres.

And others chose to get topical with the trend, making a ‘You Worried About The Wrong Thing’ meme specifically for everyone’s favourite villain, Gun Girl.