All The Burning Questions We Need Answered In Season 2 Of ‘The Umbrella Academy’

Why doesn't Luther, the largest of the children, simply eat the others?

The Umbrella Academy season 2

The first season of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy was compulsive viewing that combined plots from the first two volumes of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s comic series of the same name, and expanded them into a 10-episode apocalyptic family drama.

The Umbrella Academy is about a truly dysfunctional family of superheroes, who are struggling to deal with the immense ennui and existential dread of being adults, let alone adults with special powers. Also, there’s a looming apocalypse, some time-travelling mercenaries and a murder mystery going on as well! Action packed!

Warning: this post contains spoilers for the season finale of The Umbrella Academy.

The season finale was quite a doozy — with Vanya triggering the apocalypse and the whole family time-travelling in order to escape. It was a hell of a cliffhanger, and it also left a bunch of plot threads open that NEED to be resolved if the series gets a second season.

Here are some of the most burning questions…

Questions We Need Answered From Season 2 Of The Umbrella Academy

1.What caused all those women to spontaneously become pregnant and give birth on the same day?
Was Hargreeves responsible somehow? Literally how did it work?

2. What happened to the other 36 children born as part of the *event* — the ones who Hargreeves didn’t adopt?
Are there just a bunch of kids around the world chilling with superpowers? Why didn’t they come forward when the Umbrella Academy became famous, instead of boring old Harold Jenkins?

3. So, is Luther just a big Tiffany fan?
He for real had that record handy in his room ready to go.

3. What exactly happened to Ben?
How did he die? When did he die? Like, his statue looks quite young but his ghost is a grown-ass adult?

4. If getting high numbs Klaus’ powers, how come he can see Ben all the time?
Is his bond with Ben just that strong? Is Ben trying that hard to come through to him?

5. Why do Five’s powers stop working in the department store shoot-out?
Does he, like, run out of ammo after awhile and have to recharge?

6. Why doesn’t Five have a proper name rather than just a number, like the others?
At first I thought it was because he ran away before they got their names, but they have their names before he leaves. You can even hear Five calling for Vanya by name when he jumps into the future.

7. Exactly how conscious is Five of the fact that Dolores is a mannequin?
I get that he developed a, er, relationship with her as a coping mechanism, but he seems otherwise quite sane.

8. Why doesn’t Luther just wax all that gorilla hair off if he’s so self conscious about it?
I know he’d still have a brick shithouse of a body but dude, you can do something about that hair if you hate it so much. (Not that there’s anything wrong with going natural! Or as natural as a half-gorilla superhuman can be, I guess.)

9. What is the deal with the Commission?
Who are they? Who runs the whole thing? How did they get the ability to time travel? How do all these seemingly normal people work there? How does the whole thing work?

10. And why are they so set on the world ending?
They’re always going on about maintaining the timeline. Why do they need to maintain that specific timeline? Why is it so important that the apocalypse happens?

11. And why are their headquarters set in that specific time and place?
Is there significance to the year 1955?

12. What’s the deal with the technology on the show?
It’s set in 2019 for the most part but there’s hardly any modern technology? Where are all the mobile phones?!?

13. Did Ben time travel with Klaus, or did he just chill out, alone and invisible, in the present?
I don’t know what’s worse tbh.

14. Is the dial-up sound on the phone call to the Commission significant?
I just want to know more about this mysterious organisation, dammit!

15. What exactly did Hargreeves know?
I mean, he knew the world was going to end — but did he know how? And how exactly did he know, anyway? Could he see into the future? Could he travel into the future?

16. How much did Mom and Pogo know?
The big secret they were keeping from the children — was that just about how Hargreeves died, or did they know more? Mom cross-stitches what looks like the moon breaking apart in Episode 3, was this just a nice bit of foreshadowing, or did she actually know what would happen?

17. What exactly happened the “first time around” when all of the Umbrella Academy died?
Will we ever get to see it?

18. When Five says “I do owe a debt but it’s not to you”, who does he mean?
Is the answer to this really obvious and I just missed it somehow?

19. What was Hargreeves about to tell Klaus when he was shaving him?
Klaus was revived at the worst possible time.

20. Why didn’t Hargreeves just get Allison to tell Vanya she could control her powers, rather than that she was ordinary?
Seems like it would have solved a lot of problems. Including the minor one of the world ending.

21. What is the deal with Hargreeves’ backstory?
Who is that woman? What planet are they on? What’s with all those rockets and light thingies? Are they directly connected to the children’s births somehow?

22. How will the time travel affect the siblings?
I know the image of them as kids was likely just a visual metaphor in the finale, but, like, time travel messed with Five. Will it mess with the others too? Will they all start making out with mannequins?

The Umbrella Academy season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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