Enjoy The Unique Nightmare Of Front-Facing ‘The Simpsons’ Characters

Isn't it nice that we hate the same things?

There’s probably nothing more pop-culturally pervasive than The Simpsons, a show that has persisted in the form of a thousand instantly recognisable moments, a score of brilliant songs and an uncountable number of quotes.

That’s why it’s always shocking to learn new things about the show, such as how insanely weird the characters look when drawn facing forward. Truly cursed.

Twitter user @butchcoded crafted a post which broke open the existence of how extremely cursed front-facing Simpsons characters are.

In the rich tradition of cursed images, this is a strange and left field addition — but for whatever reason it just works. There’s something at once strange and horribly familiar, like a rocket dog or a takeaway container full of bile.

It’s unclear why we’ve never noticed this before, but it’s perhaps because we don’t tend to pause on Simpsons images when they’re front facing, and the extremely cooked perspective is blended in to the running action. Or perhaps we’ve always known, but have been too scared to ever SAY anything man.

The internet was swift to find more instances of the cursed images in the show, flooding Twitter with terror:


Of course, there’s always an exception, such as this absolutely BLESSED forward-facing picture of Marge.