The School Strike 4 Climate Action Is Going Absolutely Off Because The Next Generation Rules


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Unprecedented scenes are going down across Australia’s major cities right now, with the School Strike 4 Climate Action rallies seeing absolutely huge turnouts.

The two main events at Sydney’s Martin Place and Melbourne’s Parliament House grounds are literally overflowing with school students who have walked out of classes to protest the government’s inaction against climate change, despite a call earlier in the week from the PM who pretty much told them to not do it.

Hmm. Telling jazzed up activist teens to explicitly NOT to do something?

Look at the absolute scenes going down right now, all fuelled by a generation of kids rightfully shitting themselves about a future facing the worst of the increasingly dire climate situation.

The best part, besides the kick arse signs, has to be the chants. Christ I wish I had half the amount of sass as these legends do when I was at school.

The government response so far has been predictably bullshit, with the latest pollie to voice his garbage opinion on the strikes being Resources Minister Matt Canavan. He reckons kids should stay in school so they can learn how to drill for oil and gas, “which is one of the most remarkable science exploits in the world”.

Jesus Fucking Christ.

The unexpectedly huge turnout at not just the Sydney and Melbourne events but in similar strike rallies across regional and coastal Australia will hopefully cause a stir in at least some of the less shit-headed law-makers.

Even if they want to ignore the thousands and thousands of school kids who are fed up with years of government inaction, it isn’t too long until these legends will be voicing their passionate beliefs at the ballot box.

The next generation is coming and they’re pissed off. Go get ’em champs.