Why Is The Rock Beefing With Vin Diesel Again?

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The infamous feud between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel has just been reignited by The Rock weighing in on the pair’s rocky history.

You might know the actors from starring alongside each another in the ‘Fast & Furious’ films, and their apparent hate for each other has raised eyebrows for a while.

But the feud has taken a surprising turn with The Rock adding to this saga once again.

So, What Did The Rock Say?

Johnson gave an interview to Vanity Fair last week and was asked about a particular viral moment from his past.

Back in 2016, he shared an Instagram post just a week before the end of production on the eighth ‘Fast & Furious’ movie.

That post has now been deleted, but in it The Rock called out a “chicken shit” and “candy ass” co-star – which according to him basically meant that this person was ‘completely fully shit.’

He wrote about how amazing his female co-stars on the movie had been, but that his male co-stars were a “different story”.

And that some of them had conducted themselves “as stand-up men and true professionals”, while others hadn’t.

At the time, the internet went totally wild over the post, taking guesses that The Rock was talking about Vin Diesel.

And it’s been years since, but The Rock opened up to Vanity Fair about it.

He said that it wasn’t his best day when he shared the post, but also that nothing specific had happened to trigger it; it was just the “same old shit”.

He maintains that he meant what he said, but that he shouldn’t have expressed it publicly.

The Rock also told Vanity Fair, that there was a meeting between the two after the incident.

According to Johnson, after that chat it became “crystal clear” that they were “two separate ends of the spectrum, and agreed to leave it there”.

Arguably one of the juicier comments Johnson gave to Vanity Fair was that the crew members had apparently thanked him after he shared the post.

How Long Have These Two Been Feuding?

For some context, The Rock’s character, Luke Hobbs, was introduced in the fifth instalment of the franchise, ‘Fast Five’, which came out in 2011.

While Vin Diesel’s character, Dominic Toretto, has been one of the main characters, throughout the entire franchise.

The Instagram incident was apparently the start of the two actors publicly feuding.

But fans have had suspicions of them not getting along since way before The Rock’s post in 2016.

Many believe this hilariously bad scene was shot separately, because the stars were beefing and didn’t want to be in the same room together.

Apparently things got so bad between the pair that The Rock only agreed to return for the eighth ‘Fast and Furious’ on the condition that Vin Diesel and himself shared no scenes.

Which, he told Vanity Fair, was a decision that was made to avoid drama.

Vin Diesel spoke about the feud earlier in the year, and told Men’s Health that the “tough love” he gave The Rock was to try and get a great performance out of him.

But instead, it had led to all the reported tension.

Vin Diesel is yet to comment on The Rock’s recent interview, and it looks like the saga between the two will continue as it seems to have remained somewhat unresolved.