“Go Fuck Yourself”: The Rock Just Owned An Australian Comedian On Twitter

We asked him what it felt like to be owned by The Rock.

the rock

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Over the course of his wrestling and acting careers Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has made it clear he is not a man to be trifled with. He is an extremely wholesome and pure man, but if you fuck with him he will you fuck you up right back.

We feel that it’s a lesson that shouldn’t need to be reiterated, but some people haven’t learnt that you don’t mess with The Rock. One person in particular, Australian comedian and author Ben Pobjie, has just learnt first hand what happens when you try and throw a bit of a shade The Rock’s way.

This morning The Rock tweet a congratulatory message to his wrestling buddy Kurt Angle, who is making a return to the WWE today.

The post was classic Johnson: respectful and supportive.

Pobjie, a satirist and the author of Aussie Aussie Aussie, quoted The Rock’s tweet about Angle with the comment “Dwayne, wrestling isn’t real. It’s time you knew.”

I mean the chances of The Rock not knowing that wrestling is fake are pretty slim, given he was a professional wrestler for years. But hey, it’s just a tweet. The Rock has 12 million followers and most of his tweets get shared thousands of times so he probably doesn’t even pay attention to stuff like this. Except… he did pay attention to Pobjie’s tweet.

And he returned fire.

It started out wholesome enough, with a couple of emojis and an appreciation of Pobjie’s “dry wit”. But it ended much more savagely.


The Rock’s own of Pobjie quickly gathered thousands of retweets and likes, and the fans loved it.

But that wasn’t the end of their interaction. After being inundated with messages from angry wrestling fans, Pobjie tried to walk back from his tweet.

Which led The Rock to respond that he actually appreciated the initial joke!

So not only did Johnson tell someone to go fuck themselves, he managed to end the conversation in a very wholesome and respectable way. Who else could pull it off?!

We got in touch with Pobjie to ask how it felt to be owned by The Rock.

“It feels good,” he told Junkee. “It feels like for once in my life, I am engaging with the elite.”

Pobjie said that most of the wrestling fans who had messaged him since the incident were “very polite, apart from the ones who have threatened to beat me up, the ones who have posted mic drop gifs, the ones who have called me rude names, and the guy who wants to ‘yell like Ric Flair’ at me. But apart from that there was one polite one too.”

“If it matters (probably not) I am genuinely a massive Rock fan, and it actually was really cool to have a bit of banter with him,” Pobjie said.

We’re not sure what the lesson is here. Maybe it’s “Don’t have a go at The Rock unless you want to be thoroughly owned and also end up having a polite conversation with him”.

Fair trade?