A Right-Wing Dating App Has Flopped After It Failed To Attract Women

"I just like my men masculine," a paid actor says in a viral ad for the app.

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The new American dating app co-founded by former Trump officials and catering solely to right-wing heterosexuals is reportedly struggling to get off the ground, and with respect, LOL.

Questionably named ‘The Right Stuff’, the app officially launched on September, 30 and so far it’s reportedly doing terribly. Some reports indicate, for example, that very few women have taken up the opportunity to “connect with people who aren’t offended by everything”. Sad!

Women are definitely the target of the conservative dating app’s advertising campaign, which features a slew of actors doing their best to insist that being a Democrat is a “red flag”, how they simply prefer their men to be “masculine,”, and yearn for a man with an “alpha vibe”.

Sister of former White House Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Ryann, also appears in an advertisement for the app. Understandably, the ad recently went viral.

“What we’re doing has really not been done before,” app co-founder and Trump White House adviser Daniel Huff told The Hill, and with respect Daniel, maybe there’s a reason for that?

“It’s an important, underserved market,” he continued. “Liberals own the education, media corporations, and we can’t let them control our personal relationships.”

You heard it here first, folks! Progressives are trying to control American conservative relationships, and it’s disgusting. American conservatives, on the other hand, have literally never butted into anyone’s personal lives, ever!

The app is backed by billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel, who wrote the app’s founders a $1.5 million cheque.