The President Of Barilla Pasta Loves Carbs, Hates Gays

"I will never have an advert with a gay family," he says.

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The world’s leading pasta manufacturer is in hot water.

During a recent interview with Italian radio, Barilla president Guido Barilla was asked if the company would ever feature a gay family in its commercials. “I am for the traditional family,” he replied, “I will never have an advert with a gay family.”

He went on to defend the statement, saying that Barilla holds the concept of family sacred, and that if gays and their supporters have a problem with that, then we can all go ahead and eat another pasta brand.

The backlash kicked in almost immediately, with gay rights groups in Italy and abroad calling for a boycott of the company’s products, and the #BoycottBarilla hashtag is currently trending on Twitter.

Guido Barilla offered a half-hearted non-apology for offending people’s sensibilities, after which, a pair of comedy sunglasses descended onto his face, and the phrase ‘DEAL WITH IT’ appeared in flickering letters.

You know what though, Guido Barilla? Joke’s on you. Pasta has carbs in it — gays have already been boycotting that stuff for YEARS.