The Pixar Film Festival Is A Thing That Is Happening

The least pretentious film festival in the world is coming to Australia.

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We’ve all known for a long time now that Disney Pixar is the best. They gave us one of the world’s only trilogies that didn’t actually suck, they somehow made watching ants interesting, and they magically packed an entire heart-wrenching story of life, love and loss into a mere three-minute opener.

Now, they’re bringing you all this magic in one happy bundle at Australia’s first Pixar Film Festival.

In this, what must be the least pretentious film festival in the entire world, there will be no confusing Austrian films about a relationship between a pre-pubescent girl at a fat camp and her 60-year-old sex pest of a doctor (an actual film I saw at MIFF). In these cinemas you will not be made to sit in abject terror as Matthew McConaughey forces women to perform fellatio on deep-fried chicken drumsticks (MIFF again).

Instead, the lineup of the Pixar Film Festival is all old classics. From February 21 – March 22, Event Cinemas, Greater Union, Birch Carroll & Coyle and Village Cinemas all across the country will be showing Toy Story, The Incredibles, A Bug’s Life, Cars and Up! for an easy $8 a pop.

Dress up is encouraged and there will be themed events and activity books happening at each screening. There’s a good chance they’re aiming this at kids, but at this point, I just don’t care. Grab your tickets via any of the cinemas mentioned above before all the little twerps get permission from their parents. Being an adult rules.

Screening dates:

Toy Story — 21 & 22 February

The Incredibles — 28 February & March 1

A Bug’s Life — 7 & 8 March

Cars — 14 & 15 March

Up! — 21 & 22 March


Event Cinemas, Greater Union, Birch Carroll & Coyle and Village Cinemas across Australia.