The Murdoch Papers Are Comparing The ABC To ISIS On Their Front Pages Today, Because Journalism

Pure insanity.

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Yesterday Zaky Mallah’s controversial appearance on Q&A prompted the kind of chronic overreaction we’ve come to expect from the government; Liberal backbencher Alex Hawke accused the ABC of “sedition,” while Tony Abbott asked the broadcaster: “whose side are you on?”

Taking their cue, every hack Murdoch editor in the land duly cranked out a front page this morning literally equating Australia’s national public broadcaster to a terrorist cell that throws gay people off buildings and beheads hostages on film.

The Courier-Mail, which has form in the disgusting-headline department, magically managed to come up with the exact same idea as their cousins down south in Melbourne.

And lo and behold, Sydney’s favourite kitty-litter liner jumped on the bandwagon too.

Not to be outdone in pure crazy, the Tele knocked up a double-page spread featuring Tony Jones palling around with his ISIS mates on the Q&A panel. If you’re unemployed, just know that vastly untalented people are able to get stable work doing shit like this.


ABC journalists and staff, who are getting mighty used to reacting to garbage thrown at them, reacted largely how you would if someone called you a terrorist, as did plenty of people on their behalf.

That said, though, that Myer stocktake sale looks pretty worthwhile. Buy one get one free? Might check that out.