The Reviews Are In For Big Chunky Shark Film ‘The Meg’ And Whoo Boy We’re Excited

"Of all the thrillers made about tender, juicy humans splashing away from ravenous giant sharks, 'The Meg' is undeniably the most recent."

The Meg

The most highly anticipated film of 2018 (by me) is The Meg, a blockbuster movie that seeks to answer the question of “just how large can we make a shark?” All signs point to quite a large shark.

The Meg is a science fiction/horror blockbuster that sees the tiny and angry man Jason Statham and the inexplicable Ruby Rose having an ocean fight with a 75-foot Megalodon shark, a big old fish long thought extinct.

We’re absolutely frothing for that large salty friend to swim around and eat people, for the thicc tooth-fish to terrorise Jason Statham, for this absolute maritime unit to justify its existence. But, even though nobody’s opinion will sway our oceanic excitement for Megan, The Shark That Would Not Stop Chomping (alternate title), it’s worth checking out the reviews that have started flooding in.

At present, review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes has the average rating for The Meg at 5.6 out of 10, and a nice equal 50% on the Tomatometer, meaning that you’ll either like it or hate it! Which I guess is how having opinions work.

Chris Kilmek from NPR leads the charge, saying “Of all the thrillers made about tender, juicy humans splashing away from ravenous giant sharks, The Meg is undeniably the most recent.”

“It is neither dumb nor smart enough to be fun, and spends way too much time with its boring human characters when it could be spending it with, you know, the giant shark,” adds Emily Yoshida from Vulture, making an excellent point. We are there for the chunky shark, give us the salty boy.

William Bibbiani from IGN calls The Meg “a big, dumb shark movie that takes itself a little too seriously, and that’s the point.”

So far, we can definitely say there’s a consensus that a shark is, in fact, in the film.

“This is the sort of late summer time waster that isn’t very good, knows it isn’t very good and knows you know it isn’t very good,” states The Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Meanwhile, the public are still keen for Megan.

The Meg hits Aussie cinemas 23rd August.