‘The Mandalorian’ S2E3 Recap: New Mandalorians Reveal This Isn’t The Only Way

Mando and the Child finally meet the other Mandalorians they've been searching for all season.

'The Mandalorian' season 2, episode 3, 'The Heiress'
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After this week’s encounter with three other Mandalorians, our hero has a large question looming over his always-helmeted head: is this the way?

This article contains spoilers for The Mandalorian season 2, episode 3, so please be careful if you haven’t seen it yet!

For those who know Star Wars lore back-to-front (ie. not me), The Mandalorian has always offered more questions than answers, as Din Djarin doesn’t exactly line up with the other Mandalorians we’ve met before.

In episode 3, ‘The Heiress’, our hero meets a mysterious group of Mandalorians who have no qualms taking off their helmets — Mando is as horrified now as he was when Timothy Olyphant did the same thing in episode 1.

Before this, though, Mando and the Child continue their journey on the watery moon of Trask, which is home to nefarious enemies, space pirates, and a terrifying sea creature called the ‘mamacore’. Let’s dive in.

A New Hope

The episode starts with Mando finishing off last week’s job, transporting Frog Lady and her precious eggs back to her home planet.

Due to their crash last week, the ship’s a little worse for wear and almost burns up when it enters the atmosphere. Thanks to some tricky piloting, Mando avoids blowing them all up, but just when it looks like they nail the landing, the ship flips over into the sea. This show’s very good at slapstick comedy, even with giant spaceships.

They’re quickly rescued by a crane, and Mando leaves the now-waterlogged ship with a mechanic to fix. Frog Lady soon finds her Frog Man, and the two embrace in a genuinely sweet reunion, even if we have no idea what they say.

Some conversations are too private to be translated.

Frog Man says Mando will find info in a local bar, where he meets a squid-ish Quarren who invites him on a boat. Unfortunately, it’s a trap, with the Quarrens just wanting Mando’s expensive Beskar armour.

They even throw the Child into a watery cage to be eaten by the mamacore, a giant sea creature whose terrifying mouth is all we see. The Child, very smartly, closes his crib as he gets swallowed up — so we know he’s going to be safe for a little while — and Mando dives in after him. He’s immediately trapped in the cage, and almost drowns before three other Mandalorians turn up and rescue him and the Child without even breaking a sweat.

'The Mandalorian' season 2, episode 3, 'The Heiress'


The trio immediately take their helmets off, and after Mando tenses up, their leader reassures him that they’re real Mandalorians. They just belong to a different clan, one that doesn’t have a rule against its people removing their helmets.

Time To Plan A Heist

Of course, these Mandalorians know someone who can help Mando find the Child’s kind, but first they need his help to pull off a heist. He’s reluctant, but after they save him from another ambush, he agrees, leaving the Child with the frog couple, who now have a tadpole of their own.

'The Mandalorian' season 2, episode 3, 'The Heiress'

She doesn’t let him out of her sight this time, having learnt her lesson.

The heist sees the group make mince of stormtroopers, who are no match for the expert warriors. They’re a little dopey, really, with half of them getting sucked out of the ship’s airlock when they trap the intruders in the same room as the door controls.

The ship’s captain, who has been nervously watching from the bridge as the Mandalorians take over, gets a message from Moff Gideon, the Imperial officer who tried his hardest to capture the Child during season 1.

'The Mandalorian' season 2, episode 3, 'The Heiress'

The big baddie returns.

He tells the captain it’s all over, and that he won’t be sending reinforcements to fight the Mandalorians back. The captain shoots the two pilots and tries to crash the ship as per Gideon’s orders. The Mandalorians manage to take the bridge and steer the ship to safety at the last second, but the captain bites down on a suicide pill rather than give them information on Gideon.

Our new friends want Mando to join them, but our lonely hero has a mission to complete. As promised, they give him the most concrete tip he’s had yet, telling him where he can find a Jedi who can help reunite the Child with its own kind.

Mando picks up the Child, who doesn’t want to leave the new tadpole, and the duo jet off again in their technically-repaired-but-not-very-well-repaired ship (it’s held together by ropes and patches of fabric, which seems… fine), but this time, Mando’s chasing something more than a vague hope of promise.

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