The Katering Show Announce New Season For ABC; Are Very Worried About The Internet Crushing Them

"We should have gone with fucking Stan. We'd get heaps of free shit."

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This has been a huge year for Australian comedians Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney. First they launched The Katering Show online and found more than 5 million people eager to watch them weep into onions and get drunk while whinging about “hot wet rice”. Then they both “got ripped from arsehole to breakfast” bringing life into this world. Now, they’ve scored a deal with the ABC.

In a new clip released last night, the Kates have announced the show’s second season will be premiering exclusively on ABC iView next April. “We’ll got more money so theoretically it should be even better,” says McLennan. “It has to be better otherwise you, the internet, will crush us.”

Maybe leave them a nice comment or send them a free KitchenAid in good faith.

New News for Season TwosGuys! The wait is over. It’s finally here! Another fucking update about The Katering Show Season 2. You’re welcome.

Posted by The Katering Show on Tuesday, 24 November 2015

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