Thank Fork, ‘The Good Place’ Renewed For A 4th Morally Suspect Season

More like The Good News, am I right?

The Good Place Season 4

One of the most uniquely hilarious comedy shows around at the moment is getting a fourth season, with NBC announcing the renewal of The Good Place. More like The Good News am I right?

The third season of the hit Kristen Bell and Ted Danson vehicle, which airs locally on Netflix, is currently in a weird mid-season break, meaning we haven’t gotten a new episode in nearly three weeks — so this bit of news will have to tide us over until its return.

The third season, which saw our group of ethically stunted dead people return to life on Earth after two seasons in hell, hasn’t exactly been as wildly praised as its predecessors.

In addition to a slew of Australian accents that, quite frankly, suck farts, there’s been criticism that by taking The Good Place out of The Bad Place, we’ve lost a lot of the fun and surreal elements of the show that can only really take place in the afterlife.

But as m’colleague Patrick Lenton points out, showrunner Mike Shur has proven in the past he knows exactly what he’s doing with the various twists and turns of a show almost impossible to predict. If season three hasn’t exactly been your bag, the show will no doubt completely subvert the entire concept sometime soon as is its wont.

Ratings must still be shit hot though as renewing a network show in the middle of December is a bit of a weird time to do it, meaning execs are no doubt wanting to lock down more of the Good Shit ASAP.

Deadline reports that the renewal is confirmed by NBC but the exact amount of episodes are yet to be determined. Seasons one through three have all had 13 eps a piece so one would assume they’d stick to that again, but who knows.

The Good Place season three returns to Aus Netflix this Friday arvo.