Heads Up: Every Single Episode of ‘The Golden Girls’ Is Coming To Stan

Prepare to binge!

'The Golden Girls' will soon be streaming in full on Stan

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When it comes to the most influential programs in television history, the same names tend to pop up time after time, with The WireThe Sopranos, Mad Men and Deadwood being the most-mentioned.

But although it’s true each of those programs is a masterclass in longform storytelling, there’s one series that has never been given its fair dues. The Golden Girls might be a frothy sitcom about old folks, but it’s also one of the most brilliantly written and keenly felt stories to ever grace the small screen.

And now every single last episode is coming to Stan.

The Golden Girls first premiered in 1985. Initially, the series looked at the bond between a young gay cook, Coco, and a houseful of senior citizens, but by the second episode Coco was dropped so that the writers could go deeper on the relationships between the show’s silver-haired heroines.

And across the course of 180 episodes dropping over some seven years, that’s exactly what they did.

Following four single women living under the one roof, The Golden Girls takes a stunningly clear-eyed and empathetic look at ageing, female desire, love and friendship, with surprisingly complex and taboo-shattering plotlines.

During its initial run, the show cemented the reputation of a handful of now legendary actresses, chief among them famously cool person Betty White, who plays Rose Nylund. The heart and soul of The Golden Girls, Rose is a true innocent, well-known for her peculiar stories and her rich love life.

But there’s no point singling out any of the key characters for particular praise: all four compliment each other perfectly, and their unbeatable friendship is what made The Golden Girls work over its acclaimed first run.

The Golden Girls drops in its entirety on February 22 on Stan, so maybe tell your boss that you’ll be needing to take that week off.