The five stages of a first date (that are just like a job interview)

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First dates – they’re awkward, uncomfortable and you feel like if there’s even just one slip up, you’re out of the game. Sound strangely similar to a job interview? There are more ways than one where a first date feels just like an interview with a potential employer. Very sexy.

Prepare for glory

These days we have all the tech tools to find out who exactly who we are going to meet up with. Does he like dogs? What’s her favourite place? Are they in the uni Qudditch team?

Whatever we find on their Facebook (or even LinkedIn) helps us construct similarities, great conversation starters and knowing what we’re in for.

Back in the day, our parents could only have tête-à-têtes with mutual friends to suss out the guy or gal beforehand, or, just hope for the best! Which just sounds dangerous to be honest.

It’s the same with an interview. You want to research as much about the company or employer before meeting them to make the best possible first impression. These days it’s just called common sense. Internet, you’re a lifesaver. 

27 dresses (later)

Dressing to impress is hard work. You want to look comfortable but also dressy. You want to wear heels but then does it look trashy with your outfit choice? Lots of mental questions go on for a good few hours or even days before the date or interview.

It’s best to wear something that suits the environment you’re both meeting up in and also something you’ve worn before that you thought Hey, this is actually a really great look! That way you know you will be comfortable and your outfit choice will not get in the way of potential great banter with you fixing and pulling at your clothes every five minutes.

The force awakens…

All the forced mannerisms that come along with the first date include sitting up straight, over-smiling and intense eye contact (if you’re into the whole Amanda Seyfried look). Just like a job interview, this can all happen too and probably even more so. In both circumstances, try to relax. Looking too eager or trying to please someone can come off as awkward and unnatural.

We need to talk

Getting to know someone, whether that’s on a date or in an interview, is almost always going to be the same game of 20 questions. Half the time we don’t even soak it all in – we’re just trying to think of what else we could possibly ask or say. Yes, it seems monotonous to step into this same routine of question and answer; however, you can change it up. Maybe when he or she says “Yeah I was in Canada for a year,” and you bloody love Canada, use that beacon of hope as a way into an actual, honest conversation. Your potential employer/cute date will love to see that you’re genuinely interested or can relate to something they love.

Flushed away or love actually?

Did you make the cut? Have they called back within the next three days? It’s a nerve-wracking time, maybe even more so than the preparation process. You want to know if you were good enough for this person – that’s what it really comes down to.

In both scenarios, whether the cute guy you saw never calls back or you don’t get an email in three business days from Shana, the head of Puppy’s Warehouse, just know that you put in effort, you tried your best and you were being yourself. No one else can make the call on whether you’re good enough as a person – and if they think you’re not, well then it’s time to start moving forward and looking at better options.

Claudia Siron

Claudia studies Media Arts and Production at the University of Technology, Sydney, is a major film and television fan and her favourite director is Quentin Tarantino.

Image: New Girl official Facebook page