‘The Feed’ Roasts Woke White People In This Deadly NAIDOC Week Sketch

"Can we climb Uluru, yes or no?"

The Feed roasts woke white people in NAIDOC week sketch

This week is NAIDOC week, which means a couple of different things. It means shining a light on the achievements of First Nations people. It means listening to Indigenous Australians about the issues affecting them and their communities. And it means white people falling over themselves to prove they’re not racist.

In a new sketch from The Feed, an Indigenous man named David is forced to put up with his non-Indigenous colleagues as they try desperately to demonstrate their wokeness.

“Thanks guys, I really don’t want to make a big deal out of this,” says David after they all start talking about how inspiring he is.

We want to make a big deal out of this,” his colleagues insist.

David’s boss then brings out a “traditional talking stick” — which the white people in the room immediately seize.

“Can I just say that I love this and this whole week is, like, so important to so many of us,” says one woman wearing absurdly large Aboriginal flag earrings. “And I just wanted to say David that I fucking loved Top End Wedding.”

“Can we climb Uluru, yes or no?” his boss then asks.

“Absolutely not,” says David.

“I wish you’d told me that earlier, I’ve already booked my tickets,” comes the reply.

Watch the full sketch below.