‘The Feed’ Couldn’t Air A #MeToo Sketch, So They Reviewed ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Instead

"Please enjoy this sketch that means nothing at all."

#MeToo sketch on SBS's 'The Feed'

Australia’s defamation laws are incredibly strong — so strong, that they’ve impinged the growth of our local #MeToo movement.

This means that, for the most part, claims of misconduct and abuse continue to circulate in our creative industries as ‘open secrets’. With that in mind, Freudian Nip did what they do best and wrote an assumedly funny sketch for last night’s episode of The Feed on SBS — but that’s not what aired.

“Defamation laws in Australia a really strict :),” the comedy group wrote on Facebook. “Please enjoy this sketch that means nothing at all.”

In the clip, Freudian Nip’s Victoria and Jenna sit on armchairs, addressing the camera directly. The whole thing looks like an even lower budget At The Movies set.

“We wrote a sketch today,” Nip’s duo tell us. “It looked at what’s wrong with our entertainment industry and criticised those who protect and uphold the status quo even though we know change is really needed. But legally, we were told we cannot make this sketch in Australia due to defamation laws.”

“So we thought we’d sit here in silence  — to represent the silencing of young women in Australia’s #MeToo movement.”

This silence lasts for just a second: given their surroundings, the two instead decide to get their Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton on. Their movie of choice? Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl.

In particular, they enjoy the “funny” lines Johnny Depp says, and Geoffrey Rush’s role as Captain Barbossa. They also enjoy the length of the film.

What a review!