‘The Feed’ Have Created A Comedy Special Called ‘Cancelled’ And It’s Very Silly

The Feed takes a deep dive and entirely satirical look the scandals that brought a nation to its knees. (But kind of not really.)

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The Feed kids are back with a comedic countdown of Australia’s forgotten [read: fictional] cancellations.

The Feed team were taken off the weekly deadline, given a bit of cash, and told to make whatever they liked. Living the Australian media dream.

And with that, they’ve put together a countdown show of scandals that rocked Australia.

Think one of those old television countdown shows with the kitch graphics and talking heads. Don’t remember? Not a Boomer? It was essentially free-to-air TV’s bread and butter from the 1970s until streaming took the value out of Friday night viewing. A pithy host (in this case, former Wheel of Fortune host John Burgess) would punctuate the stories in between graphics! Skits! Good times!

The Feed‘s faux countdown takes a slightly obsessive look into some entirely fictitious and truly absurd scandals, including a failed prank that explains the mysterious disappearance of Australia’s 17th prime minister, Harold Holt.

And it’s available for you to watch right now on SBS Demand.