The Trailer for ‘The Family Law’ Season 3 Is Here And It Looks Extremely Gay

"Like mother, like son: both sluts".

The Family Law

The most delightful show on Australian television has a new trailer, and it looks extremely good and flamboyantly gay. Let’s get excited for The Family Law Season 3.

If you’re not already across it, The Family Law is a ridiculously funny Australian comedy based on the critically acclaimed memoir of the same name, about the eccentric and mildly dysfunctional Law family.

Told from the perspective of a young Benjamin Law growing up in suburban Queensland during the ‘8os and ’90s, the first two seasons are extremely funny and awkward and often poignant, and this latest season looks to continue the trend.

In this one — spoiler warning! — it looks like our protagonist is *gasp* gay.

What a curveball.

Honestly, this show is sometimes a little too real about the exquisitely mundane pain of growing up, and Ben’s coming out story is going to be excitingly awful.

“You’re growing up now, time to get thick skin and suck it off.”

Watch the trailer here:

We don’t know exactly when we’ll get season 3, but we’ll keep you updated.