The difference between a uni friend and a uni BFF

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After just having finished the stressful and gruelling period that is mid-sem exams, it is so important to be very grateful for those uni BFFs that (with the help of some liquid magic), get us through to the other side. This person is the Batman to our Robin, the Milhouse to our Bart, and of course the Tina Fey to our Amy Poehler. Here are the factors that distinguish that uni acquaintance from the ultimate uni BFF.

They hold you accountable for getting uni done

There will be moments throughout your uni career where motivation will be at an all-time low, and the thought of not submitting that 10 per cent assignment will definitely cross your mind. But then, you get that dreaded text from your uni BFF asking, “Have you started the assignment you have due tomorrow?” An immediate rush of guilt fills your body, you instantly open a word document, and begin typing away. After about an hour of slogging out obscure research on some niche topic, your reply to their message with “Sure have!”

They help you get through the struggles

Tears, stress, and worry – we all experience these feels throughout uni, and some of us feel the pressure more than others. One of the best remedies for these times is a shoulder to lean on to get us through the struggles. Whether it be a quick coffee catch-up to word vomit everything you are feeling, or a simple text message to let your uni BFF know that this is a trying time, they are always there and happy to help out when the going gets tough.

They are more than happy to hang with you at the uni bar

Keen for a casual drink at 12pm on a Tuesday? This is more than a possibility with your uni BFF. Sometimes they may even drop that dreadful two-hour tutorial to sip down on a G&T. Usually, you and your uni BFF can spend hours at the bar, chatting about what assessments are coming u, and whether there are any boys/girls on the radar at the time. You know that both of you have made it to ‘regular’ status when the bouncer out the front greets you with a smile and a sneaky “Back so soon?”

You can call them for late night study questions 

It is T minus 12 hour before the exam. You’re not too flustered because you’ve been to every tutorial throughout the semester. You appeared to be following, but then, you actually attempt to complete a problem question yourself. Suddenly, your world comes crashing down, and the difference between a debit and a credit is not so clear.

Luckily, your uni BFF is on speed dial and you do not hesitate to call them even though your clock reads 2.30am. With a little bit of explanation and calming reassurance that you do know your stuff, the phone call ends, and you absolutely smash that question that appeared so scary only minutes before.

Uni life would not be fun without them

Ultimately, life is too short to be in a constant state of stress. You only uni once (hopefully), so why not live it up? Go to that pub crawl instead of studying a few extra hours; ditch that revision lecture and see the latest flick at the cinema. Do all of these activities with a smile knowing that your uni BFF is right by your side.

Appreciate them, love them, and never take your uni BFF for granted. They are special, and when you find them, never let them go… not even for that cute boy/girl in your tutorial.

Ailish Parr

Ailish is never happy just sitting still and has a secret love for #qanda. She is studying a double degree at the University of Queensland but always makes time for coffee and socialising.

Image: Safety Not Guaranteed official Facebook page