The Daily Telegraph Let A Truly Cringeworthy Error Slip Into A Column About ISIS Today

And they haven't even noticed yet.

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Whoever’s responsible for proofreading the Daily Telegraph before it goes to print is about to have a very bad day. In a column titled ‘Jihadi Bilardi spreading the hate in his own way,’ Tele columnist and Old Man Yelling At Cloud Tim Blair writes about Melbourne teenager-turned-ISIS fighter Jake Bilardi, who recently killed himself in a suicide bombing in Iraq. Besides the standard News Corp sledges at Julia Gillard, the Greens and “Australian feminists” for some reason, Blair’s column argues that Bilardi’s Islamic faith was one of the main reasons he wound up fighting for ISIS in the Middle East, and has a go at some of Bilardi’s Australian acquaintances who have suggested otherwise.

One of them, former Hume Islamic Youth Centre worker Furkan Derya, was quoted in a Fairfax article on Bilardi about a week ago. Blair uses Derya’s quote in his column, before seemingly adding a bit of commentary of his own about Derya’s name.

No one from the Tele seems to have picked up on the error yet, considering it’s still in the online version of the column as well.

Screenshot 2015-03-16 at 9.22.08 AM


It’s not yet clear whether Blair made the error or one of the Tele‘s subeditors did. It’s not quite as bad as The Age wrongly calling some random kid a terrorist on its front page, or the Australian Financial Review putting the immortal phrase “world is fukt” on their front page, but it sure is something.