The Daily Telegraph Has Slammed NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley With The Most Glorious Zinger


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We’re 10 days out from the NSW election and The Daily Tele are predictably in full attack mode. Shockingly, the candidate they’re taking aim at isn’t the one who stars in their ads.

Undeterred by the fact Fairfax have been in court all week facing defamation charges for allegedly presenting a major politician as corrupt, the Tele have come out all guns blazing against Labor leader Luke Foley. Last week they dipped into their seemingly endless Photoshop budget to picture a miniature version of him literally sitting in someone’s pocket, and today they’ve gone one step further.

The front page of today’s paper objectively depicts Foley as a giant, green-faced koala happily roaming the countryside. Alongside this, it cynically lists his ridiculous objectives like wanting to keep our wildlife alive and not wanting us all to turn into the three-eyed fish from The Simpsons.

But, best of all, they reel out the hilariously, punny 72-year-old grandfather they presumably use to think up headlines, to give Foley the hardest zinging of his life.


Just give them the fucking Walkley already.

You see? It’s because he’s a filthy lefty!


Greens like the environment.

The environment includes trees.

Trees have leaves on them.

Leaves are sometimes called foliage.

Which sounds a little like his last name.

So, it’s actually really funny!

March 28 can’t come soon enough.

Feature image via Eliza Jane Berlage/Twitter.