‘The Crown’ Season Two Just Got A Release Date And An Intriguing New Trailer

It's tough to be the Queen.

Old mate Lizzy is back in action in the newly released trailer for the second season of The Crown.

Set to premiere on December 8, the next installment of Netflix’s award-winning royal drama will cover a roughly ten year period, beginning with the Suez crisis in 1956. Claire Foy is back as Queen Elizabeth, while new additions to the cast include Matthew Goode as Lord Snowdon and Michael C. Hall, aka Dexter, as US President John F. Kennedy.

Series killer JFK. I’m into it.

The first season of The Crown was a massive critical success, and scored the Golden Globe for Best Drama. Let’s hope this new run of episodes lives up to expectations, because honestly, what’s the point of even having a royal family if you’re not at least getting decent TV out of them?

The Crown season two hits Netflix on December 8.