The Creepy Paddington Bear Meme Will Destroy Your Childhood

Typical internet. Always ruining everything.

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And in one fell swoop, one of the most lovable of children’s book characters becomes a creepy meme that will haunt your dreams. The internet has done it again.

Earlier this week, we got the first look at the upcoming live-action Paddington film; based on the books, the movie follows the adventures of Paddington Bear, who will be voiced by Colin Firth. A still from the film, released around the same time, sees Paddington Bear sporting a blue duffel coat and signature red hat, standing proudly in front of Buckingham Palace.

So of course the Internet stepped in to turn Paddington into a Hitchcockian psycho, Paranormal Activity creep and ‘Heisenbear’, to name a few. Within a few days, the Creepy Paddington was all over Twitter, even winning his own Tumblr dedicated to photoshopping Paddington into classic horror movies and murder scenes.

It’s seriously unnerving to see Paddington in such a dark dark light in this new movie mashup.

Paddington comes to cinemas this December. That gives us six months to wipe Creepy Paddington from our minds.


Images via Popwatch and Tumblr.