From Karl Stefanovic Run-Ins To ‘Succulent Chinese Meal’ Guy: The Chats’ Most Chaotic Moments

What would we do without The Chats?

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There’s no band in Australia that inspire a devotion quite like The Chats.

The young group of rabble-rousers have a loyal following to rival any pop group in the country, and for good reason: they simply don’t do anything by halves. Their first single, the anthemic ‘Smoko’, set the country and then the rest of the world alight, going obscenely viral and crashing them into contact with everyone from Dave Grohl to Josh Homme.

And they haven’t slowed down since then, either. Their career is one wild incident followed by the next, a collection of botched interviews, political songs, and strange internet mysteries.

Here then is the story of The Chats, told in the form of their best moments.

‘Smoko’ Makes The News

It’s impossible to talk about The Chats without acknowledging their first smash-hit ‘Smoko’, the song that put them on the map. Just as distinct and fascinating as the song itself is one of the band’s first ever interviews, a chat that they had with 7 News just as they were going. viral.

Introduced as a “Coolum shed band”, the group go on to laconically drawl their way through a chat, coming across as nonplussed and deathly bored in equal measure.

Just watch:

The Chats Vs. Karl Stefanovic

That first brush with 7 News wasn’t the group’s only interaction with the mainstream media. Much later, things got awkward again when they appeared on Today to perform their banger ‘Pub Feed’. After an extremely awkward interview in which Stefanovic make jokes about lead singer Eamon Sandwith’s hair, the group shredded the studio to pieces with something like a vindictive rage. It was perfect.

That Time Eamon Sandwith Went Ham On Scott Morrison

It may feel like a lifetime ago, but back in December of last year, Scott Morrison was busy bungling his way through the bushfires, going on holiday and forcing people to shake his hand rather than addressing climate change. Sick of the inaction from our Prime Minister, Sandwith wrote and performed a ditty of his own, in which he hoped that Morrison’s house might totally burn down.

It takes a lot of nerve to just fuck off when the whole country’s counting on you,” Sandwith sings.

The Chats Bring Back ‘Democracy Manifest’ Guy

Even a casual fan of internet culture will know about the “succulent Chinese meal guy”, the dine and dash legend who was caught by police and proceeded to virulently cuss them out while he was being loaded into a cop car. Thought dead for many years, the man was brought back into the fore by The Chats, who hunted him down and popped him into their video for hit single ‘Dine N’ Dash’.

Watch the whole clip, it’s true art:

That Time They Became Full-on Investigative Journos

Way back in the halcyon days of October, 2019, The Chats were tasked with wandering around the Gold Coast and asking punters what their “best night ever” was. Cans of booze in one hand, a microphone with a bit of cardboard taped around it in the other one, the band absolutely killed it, interviewing Akubra-hat sporting local residents with hilarious results.

Basically, the short video might be the best imaginable way to explain Australian culture to someone.

Photo via The Chats Facebook