The Brand New Trailer For American Horror Story: Freak Show Is Not As Scary As This Clown


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The fourth season of American Horror Story is due out soon, and FX have been teasing trailers for the last few months that are as frustratingly short as they are scary. ┬áNow there’s finally a full-length trailer giving us a better idea of what to expect from this show besides pure fear. It features a lady with a beard, a lady with two heads and another lady with three boobs, so if you like ladies with superfluous extra bits you’ve come to the right place.

If that didn’t seem particularly scary, here are a bunch of the goddamn horrifying teaser trailers spliced together, along with some fan-made ones that are very, very good. Probably don’t watch this if you don’t like clowns.

Here! Take this guy home with you!

Damn it, Chuckie was right all along. Clowns are scary as shit.

American Horror Story premieres on FX on October 8.