TikTok Teens Are Recreating Iconic Avengers Scenes Using Pool Toys

The Avengers have never assembled so fabulously.

The Avengers TikTok meme trend

Those wacky teens on TikTok! What will they do next? I’ll tell you — they’re going to make a bizarrely impressive Avengers meme, using only savvy editing and pool toys, that’s what.

Sometimes I think back to what I was doing when I was a teen, and it wasn’t anything nearly as cool as these TikToks. I basically just read books and waited to grow, I think. Teens are so motivated these days. I love it.

Anyway, the trend.

Basically, it seems to have started off with this video, which is billed as “Avengers Endgame, but it’s low budget”. Basically, it’s a bunch of people jumping into the pool and then reversing the footage, so it looks like they are dramatically jumping OUT. They are the Avengers. Cute.

As with everything on TikTok, people began replicating the video, and a trend was born. Let’s watch some others — people get really good at this! I like how lo-fi it all is. I don’t know why, but the range of pool toys involved really intrigues me.

The peak of this trend, the undeniable winner, is the video below. I mean, c’mon — everyone else can go home! This is better than the actual movies. I particularly enjoy how tight the Spider-Man’s flip is. I also enjoy how everyone is wearing nice shorts!