The Australian Sex Party’s Been Deregistered And Everyone’s A Comedian All Of A Sudden

They didn't have enough members, they're having election trouble, etc. etc.

Deflating news out of Canberra this morning; prominent minor party the Australian Sex Party has been deregistered by the Australian Electoral Commission. The AEC stripped the party’s membership status a few days ago because it didn’t have the minimum 500 registered members required. Naturally, everyone has dusted off their Year Nine joke repertoire and are furiously churning out various puns about electoral dysfunction, not having enough members, cleaning up after the sex party’s over, I could do this all day.

It’s been a rough time for minor parties in Australia recently; the Australian Democrats finally had the life support switched off a few weeks ago as well. But being deregistered doesn’t necessarily mean the Sex Party will wilt for good, though; it only applies to the federal party, not the Sex Party’s presences in the states and territories, so party leader Fiona Patten doesn’t have to worry about holding on to her Victorian Upper House seat. It might even prove to be a blessing in disguise; the Sex Party have a strong social media following, and the publicity the news is generating will probably see them sign up a stack of new members.

For their part, the Sex Party claim they have more than 6,000 members and it’s the AEC’s fault for not looking hard enough, and plan to appeal.

That’s it. Back to work, ya pervs.

Feature image via Alex Chevallier/Twitter.