The Australian Is Being Dragged For Yet Another Racist Cartoon

It must be a Tuesday.

The Australian George Floyd

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The Australian has a long and storied history of just appallingly racist cartoons. There’s something about cartoons being racist that just hits differently — they feel like they should be a more cheery medium, and they are being misused somehow.

Anyway, since The Australian’s resident cartoonist Bill Leak went died in 2017, the paper has absolutely held up his legacy and continued with terrible, offensive cartoons.

The latest, by John Spooner, comes in the wake of the unlawful murder of George Floyd by police in the US, and the spate of protests that have swept the country since then.

It features a black man leaning his knee into the Statue Of Liberty’s neck, which is saying “I can’t breathe” — the same words that George Floyd said before he died.

Apart from everything else, it’s also just pushing a very confusing message. “I am fighting for the right to do what I hate”, shows an extremely poor understanding of what the issues at play are. But enough coherence manages to shine through to understand that the cartoon is placing the blame for the protests currently erupting across the US squarely on the many people of colour who are simply marching for the right to not be murdered in the street for no real reason.

But explicitly colouring the protestor as black really drives home the message. People are disappointed but not surprised that this came from The Australian.