The Age’s Transphobic Opinion Piece Has Been Ripped To Shreds Online

The trans community has called out the publication for pandering to "both sides" at the expense of trans rights.

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The LGBTIQ community has been quick to respond after Australian newspaper The Age published a transphobic opinion piece on Wednesday.

An opinion piece entitled Trans right should not automatically trump the rights of other groups on Wednesday after Greens Councillor Rohan Leppert made headlines for allegedly trans-exclusionary comments made on Facebook.

The piece — penned by author and freelance journalist Julie Szego — is the second piece regarding the Leppert situation that The Age has published this week, since the Greens released a letter addressing the situation.

“What’s striking is that Leppert is accused of transphobia for fearing that affirmative care might be suppressing a young person’s lesbian identity. Surely we could flip this around to accuse his critics of homophobia in seeking to silence his fears,” Szego writes in the piece, pushing her point that trans rights infringe on the rights of women and gay people (which is, frankly, not true).

“But it doesn’t work that way. A hierarchy of victimhood operates; transgender people are considered to have less power than gays and lesbians. As a result, some people struggle to comprehend the idea that granting rights to a less powerful group, transgender people, might disenfranchise a relatively more powerful group.”

As is to be expected, the piece was quickly called out by the trans community and its allies online.

The notion that trans rights impede on the rights of cis women or other members of the LGBTIQ community is blatantly false.

Many were quick to point out the issue with the publication’s both sides-ism on trans rights, which perpetually puts some of Australia’s most vulnerable people in the centre of a debate over their right to live a normal life.

Some members of the trans community allege they were asked to write a response piece for The Agea request that was repeatedly rejected by trans writers.

While The Age does publish some positive trans stories, these efforts are undermined by the continued platforming of authors sharing transphobic opinion pieces every few months like clockwork.

Junkee has reached out to The Age for comment.