The ABC’s New Sitcom About An Aboriginal Radio Station Joins A Pretty Excellent Run Of Indigenous Shows Lately

Meet '8MMM Aboriginal Radio', your new favourite show.

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The last couple of years have seen a small but growing number of popular, well-received Indigenous-centric TV shows make their way onto Australian screens. SBS’s highly acclaimed drama Redfern Now has been spun off into a telemovie which aired last night, and ABC Indigenous programs like The Gods of Wheat Street and Black Comedy have met with substantial success.

Now comes 8MMM Aboriginal Radio, an ABC comedy set in a mainly white-run Indigenous radio station in Alice Springs. The three M’s of the title refer to the three kinds of white people who typically make their way to Alice Springs or Aboriginal communities in general — missionaries, mercenaries and misfits — and much of the show deals with people who fall into one of those three groups, and how they navigate life in a largely black town.

8MMM Aboriginal Radio premieres at 9:30pm on Wednesday April 29 on ABC1.